1. How addicted were you/are you to cigarettes?

The Elf bar is an alternative smoking device. Many people choose it to quit cigarettes. Several studies have shown a 95%-98% reduction in the amount of harmful substances inhaled (https://www.gov.uk/government/news/e-cigarettes-around-95-less-harmful-than-tobacco-estimates-landmark-review)

So there are two types, the 2% and the 5% nicotine strength Elf bar.

The 2% will satisfy the user as well as the 5%. The 5% is recommended for those who have been chain smokers, so without the harmful substances it has the same effect as the stronger cigarettes. A pack of Elf bars is equivalent to about 3-5 packs of cigarettes in both number of puffs and nicotine.

2. How do you store your vape device?

As indicated on the page, do not store in cold conditions as the battery life will deteriorate. Our warehouse is a heated warehouse, so you don't have to worry that if you order in the winter, you may damage your battery life.

3. Which flavour do you choose?

There are so many flavours and different types have their own unique taste. We try to serve our customers with the widest possible range of flavours and types. Here are some of the most popular flavours from our webshop:


Elfbar 1500 Blind buy flavours:



-Blue razz lemonade

-Grape energy (grape energy drink)

-Strawberry energy ( strawberry energy drink)

These are very popular right now, feel free to buy them without trying them, you will like them.

Elfbar 1500 tobacco flavours/menthol flavours:

-Black russian ( whisky,coffee,caramel like flavour)

-Siberian forest (tobacco flavour)

- Spearmint ( menthol)

-Coffe tobacco (coffee tobacco)

Wild Elfbar flavours:

Neon rain (skittles)

Sour apple

Kiwi passion fruit guava

4. What types of Elfbar are there?

Elfbar 600 hammer

This is an Elfbar with very little suction, not good value for money, so this type is not marketed.

Elfbar 800 hood

this type has some unique flavours and is in demand, not available at the moment but will be soon!

Elfbar 1500 hammer

This is the most popular and has the most flavours. Nearly 30-35 flavours are available from this type. We also have a wide selection on our site. It is excellent value for money, being the average price of 4 packs of cigarettes but cheaper than 4 packs of cigarettes and of course delicious, not harmful.

Elfbar 2500 puff

Also a popular model , equivalent to 7 packs of cigarettes. A total of 9 flavours are currently available (according to the official website www.elfbar.com there will be more). Also available on our site, and which flavour is not we are working on getting it available as soon as possible.

Elfbar 3000 Slukk/ Elfbar 3000 refillable

For this model the same as for the next one, obviously less slugs so it is equivalent to about 9 packs of cigarettes. The shape is different, it's not the usual cylinder but a smaller but more iron rectangle.

Elfbar 3600 puffs/ refillable Elfbar

The uniqueness of this model is that it is not just a lot of puffs, it is small and compact. It's big enough for about 10 packs of cigarettes. They're rechargeable, so if you run out but still have liquid (you always have because they're direct rechargeable and the batteries run out sooner than the liquid) you can recharge them with a USB C charger and use them again.

5. Elfbar prices , what is a good price?

Some people, whether they have bought or not, are aware of the prices. Elfbar webshop/Electronic Cigarette webshop average prices are 4800-6000ft for the Elfbar 1500 model, Elfbar 2500 8000-1000 ft and Elfbar 3600 12000 up to 15000ft. These are very high prices, especially since many users who have bought from friends/acquaintances are used to the usual 4000-4500 ft. In our webshop we have set the Elfbar 1500 model at 3700ft and the Elfbar 2500 model at 5700ft , while the Elfbar 3600 rechargeable version is 6900ft.