The product(s) are manufactured under quality conditions, from tested materials and in properly regulated places.

However, on various Chinese websites you can often find ridiculously cheap cheap fakes.

These have harmful effects:

-No one knows what they are made of and under what conditions.

-more harmful to health due to unknown ingredients.

-Very often they don't even turn on, or if they do, their lifespan is half a day at most.

As a result, our company places great emphasis on selling only original products and we have an Official Distributor Agreement with ELFBAR.

You can easily verify the authenticity of the products:
You can verify the authenticity of the original Elf Barok packaging. There are two ways of checking this:

Two ways to check the authenticity of the product:

One sign that you have a fake device in your hand is the barcode on the box. In the case of Elf Bar products, this is relatively simple, they have a single EAN barcode on the side of the box, next to the holographic sticker.

The safe way:


Look for the QR code sticker, then go to the Elf Bar verification page and enter the code under the QR code, or simply scan it to be automatically verified.

If the QR code you enter shows a red "WARNING" warning, the product is fake and dangerous. Its use is not recommended under any circumstances!

Our company sells the product at one of the lowest prices on the market, so you will never be tempted to risk your health with counterfeits.

Not only are fake ELFBAR/PUFFBAR/GEEKBAR harmful, but as you can read everywhere, they have a very short shelf life, so you are not saving money.

Check out our original products on our ELFBAR WEBSHOP