The device is a liquid liquid (those who have used it know that it is not just any liquid) and some type of lithium battery. It has a fixed puff number, is much less harmful and more cost effective than a regular cigarette or iqos. No need to clean, charge, cotton wool of course, just use it.

What does the Elfbar consist of?

  1. Lithium battery depending on type (Elfbar 800,Elfbar 5000).
  2. It is equipped with electronics that activates the boiler when it is sucked and transfers the heat to the liquid in the boiler.
  3. An important component of the Elfbar is the boiler itself, which gives off heat and heats the liquid around it, generating steam, and the device contains a liquid, i.e. a liquid in a tank, the quantity of which always depends on the number of cycles of the product.
  4. And of course the Elfbar's colourful casing.

What is in Elfbar appliances? Are they harmful?

Of course NOT harmful, there are 3 things in the liquid:

-Propylene Glycol: A compound found mainly in the food industry, used mainly in cakes, in foams for decorating cakes.

It is one of the constituents of all existing liquids

-Vegetable glycerine: We are talking about a substance that is used in many industries every day. It can be found in cough syrups, mouthwashes, soaps and shampoos, toothpastes, many beauty creams, everyday foods or hookah tobacco.

All existing liquid others are made up of these two things, essentially all the e cigarette liquids produced in the world, and of course nicotine salt and the actual flavouring on demand.

-Nicotine salt if we are talking about a non-nicotine-free eleven bar device. Interestingly, the nicotine salt is absorbed faster than traditional nicotine, which is why the nicotine-containing elf bar has a more pleasant, faster effect. The nicotine content of an elf bar is usually expressed in percentage or milligrams, and currently there are 3 formats: nicotine-free 2% , 5% (some boxes have 50mg instead of 5%, which also means 5%)

Elf Bar is the biggest new trend of 2022! Its popularity should come as no surprise, as there has never been an alternative smoking substitute that can deliver such an intense aroma!



But what is this madness? And more importantly, where can I buy Elf Bar?

What is Elf Bar and what makes it so popular?
Let's start at the beginning, what is an Elf Bar? The Elf Bar is a disposable electric cigarette that uses highly innovative technology and is pre-filled with a liquid with different flavours.

Disposable electronic cigarettes require no separate device, no charger, no maintenance and no cleaning. Elf Bars can be used until they run out of liquid, once they do, they can simply be thrown away.

How long can you use 1-1 of these pre-filled disposable cigarettes? That always depends on the device. You can buy products with different capacities, each with a different number of puffs. For example, the Elf Bar 600 has a 600 puff capacity, while the Elf Bar 2500, as its name suggests, gives its user 2500 puffs of pleasure.

And what has made these cigarette substitutes so popular?
The popularity is of course also due to their ease and convenience of use, but what has made them so popular so quickly is the exceptionally rich and intense flavour.

Anyone who has tried flavoured traditional or even electronic cigarettes, or any other smoking substitute, will soon realise that none of them has ever had such a genuine, succulent flavour. There are no unpleasant aftertastes, bananas are bananas, strawberries are strawberries. It's like smoking fruit that has gone up in smoke.

But the point is...

Where can I buy Elf Bar?

We have a very short and simple answer to that question: elfbarrendeleseu.com!
Our products range from the most popular products with different suction capacities, from the 1500 suction to the extreme rechargeable 5000 suction.
Our products include popular flavours such as:
watermelon, strawberry, banana, apple, gum, grape, cola, blueberry, strawberry ice cream... and we could go on and on.