In case you don't know what ELF BAR is, we can help you get to know this very versatile and popular tool and its short history!

What is ELF BAR?
The ELF BAR is a disposable electric cigarette that contains a pre-filled liquid of different flavours and you can smoke it without any preparation or accessories. The liquids contain nicotine salt at 2 and 5 percent, but there are also nicotine-free versions. During the manufacturing process, a so-called vertical double coil is inserted into the device, which helps to facilitate easy airflow and ensures a clean and unforgettable taste from the first puff to the last. The memorable experience is created by unique flavours such as Banana Milk, Sour Apple, Strawberry Grape, Black Russian, Coconut Melon and Coffe Tobacco.

With this fashionable, lightweight and portable device, you don't have to worry about the unpleasant smells and tastes associated with traditional smoking. There are several versions, the most popular being ELF BAR LUX, ELF BAR 1500, ELF BAR 2500, and the refillable ELF BAR 3600 and ELF BAR 4000. The numbers indicate the puff capacity of the product, so for example, if you choose to order an ELF BAR 1500, you will receive a 1500 puff capacity device in the flavour of your choice. Whatever you buy, the experience is guaranteed!

History of the manor
Since 2018, ELF BAR has focused on producing products with a more natural taste and a more enjoyable steaming and puffing experience. With the development of new innovative devices such as appliances with smarter coils that offer improved performance in compact sizes, the ELF BAR brand has become known worldwide in a short period of time.

They are constantly coming up with a range of sensational flavours, such as the luscious Berry Peach, the gummy Jelly Bear, the refreshing Pink Lemonade and the invigorating Grape Energy.

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