When you think of electric cigarettes, the first thing that comes to mind is probably the distinctive vapour. The big white cloud has practically become a trademark of the vaper community, but from time to time the topic comes up on the internet: how can someone create a coloured vapour? Some videos feature people wearing all the colours of the rainbow, so a beginner might feel justified in copying the 'stunt'.

Coloured smoke is nothing new. Drifting enthusiasts have made an art out of sliding tyres on tarmac, and there are already tyres that emit coloured smoke when friction is applied. However, it is important to clarify that electric cigarettes do NOT produce smoke! But what about steam, is it possible to create coloured clouds somehow? If I had to answer the question briefly, the answer is NO, definitely not possible! Although there is a natural substance (iodine) that produces purple vapour, it is toxic if inhaled and can cause severe allergic reactions! Some people suggest putting different dyes in your e-liquid, but this is not a solution either. In fact, dyes and other foreign substances can cause serious problems if they get into your lungs. So NOBODY TRY THIS AT HOME!Think about the fact that the colour of flavours can also vary from flavour to flavour, but as soon as you dilute them in your PG/VG base liquid, the flavours lose their colour and the vapour remains white in any case. So we can say that the flavours, and therefore the e-liquids mixed in different ways, have no effect on the colour of the vapour released.

As mentioned above, the myth of coloured steam must be debunked, but how do they do it? The answer is simple! One of the most common solutions is to edit the images and videos afterwards using various computer software. You can find several tutorial videos on how to do this, so if you're looking for a colourful haze, this is the solution we recommend. Another trick is to illuminate the vapour cloud from below with different coloured LED lights, creating a beautiful rainbow effect.

In conclusion, as science stands today, coloured vapour is nothing more than a gimmick in the world of electronic cigarettes. We therefore urge you to vaporise only soups free of any added colouring and foreign substances, thus taking care of your health.