The last step in the quitting or conversion process is vaping nicotine-free e-liquids. If you've made it this far, it's good to know you're no longer smoking e-cigarettes to satisfy your needs. Some people quickly stop vaping at this point, and their lives become completely harmless. But there are many people who don't quit e-cigarettes, because the habit is a powerful one. Not to mention the mind-blowing flavours!

Of course, anyone can give the "all-around" elf bars a try, you don't necessarily have to experience the "it's like smoking mountain air" effect. You can also maximise the experience with a zero e-liquid! If you're currently using higher nicotine strength liquids - base juice, you're probably thinking it's too big a leap to give up your daily nicotine. You're right, you shouldn't rush headlong into the wall! Gradualism is the secret, if you reduce your nic intake step by step, you have a better chance of achieving your desired goal. So don't take the plunge, it's not a leap. Going from 5% to 2% minus will be perfectly fine for once. Your body will demand what it's due anyway, give it time to get used to the new challenge. The braver ones can of course take the "vape long steps" and even halve the nicotine content. Or they can use 0 mg eleven bar devices straight away

A lot of people ask the question: is it really possible to vape nicotine-free and still have the same e-cigarette experience? Of course it is! We've got some tips for you.

TH the "all-rounder" hit
The first thing you'll notice when you start your journey into the world of nicotine-free vaping is that your liquid, and with it your kit, will produce a much smaller throat hit. Even compared to a 3 mg/ml e-liquid, the change is quite dramatic. There are quite a few of us for whom this can be a serious problem, because for many of us it is the throat feel that really gives us the satisfaction. So the challenge is to create a blend that can deliver the same pleasure without the nicotine.

Menthol lovers preferred
The easiest way to increase th is to choose a flavouring or e-liquid with a strong menthol or cooling content. The intense flavour, the cooling effect is a great way to mimic the sensation of nicotine and you can get used to it quickly. Even if you're not a fan of menthol, there's no need to throw yourself off the roof. Citrus flavours, not just lemon, but orange, grapefruit and even "spicy" flavours like cinnamon, are bound to increase the th. Their effect is more gentle and subtle than menthol, but they can help to solve the problem.

PG - A partner in need
If you're not allergic to it, you may want to look for e-liquids with a higher PG content. PG is not only responsible for the flavour, but also for the higher throat hit. A 50/50 PG-VG base is a good starting point, and you can go up from there if you want to. Of course, take into account the capabilities of your boiler or boilers, they may not all be able to cope with our more dilute, liquid liquid. But a bit of experimentation with more vigorous wattage, perhaps a top aeration tank, can get us out of the leaky pickle. The good news is that our products are made by the manufacturer with a 50-50 PG/VG ratio.

Not only can the throat effect be increased during liquid mixing. If we are less blessed with a chemical vein, we can also start building and rebuilding RTAs. By default, 1-1.5 mm is the ideal distance for your coil from the aeration. If you want to increase the th, position your coil at the upper limit, if your boiler allows you can even drag it higher or further. You will lose flavour and the risk of burning in the wadding increases as the coil is raised. But for the good cause, sorry for the good th we will do our best. The former problem can be remedied to a point by over-rating, the latter can be compensated for by using TC mode.

But what if you don't want to deal with such unnecessary things? You'll have the easiest e-cigarette on the market. Luckily, the perfectly designed mesh-coil system is no problem either!

That's as far as we've got. It's worth taking into account whether we want it or not, but our tastes and needs can change in a matter of moments. Our nicotine-free e-liquid gives us the flavour, the throat hit is right, but there's still something missing... That certain lung-bursting feeling, the "vapour bite" (some people call it a throat hit, but it has little to do with it). But don't despair, head for the world of airier boilers, turn the air control up to max and the problem is solved. The dl fans won't get screwed over this in the first place. So all we need is a little extra steam and we can tick that off our list.

Making the switch to nicotine-free e-cigarettes isn't easy, but it's easier than you might think. If you've made it or if you'd like to give it a try, go for it!